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If you’re like most professionals, you spend 120% of your time taking care of everyone else’s problems. The phone never stops ringing, you’re continually responding to office emergencies and you spend half your time juggling one hot priority after the next. These days, when you’re doing the jobs of at least three other people (or more!), you rarely find time to give yourself the kind of rejuvenating lift that every business pro needs from time to time.


So this year make a commitment ­— to yourself and your organization ­— to give yourself the one thing that can have the biggest impact on your success and productivity in the year ahead...




Because no one can perform at their peak without gaining new ideas and ways of thinking, we’ve developed a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience that’s been developed specifically for busy, hard-working, high-achieving professionals like you!


Packed with thought-provoking strategies that will help you take better care of yourself at work and at home, these exciting conferences allow you to choose the sessions you want to attend.


You’ll be in a room full of dedicated professionals just like yourself sharing the camaraderie of other people who intimately know the unique challenges you face every day.


Think of how good it will feel to turn the focus of your attention toward yourself — even if it’s just for a day or two — and away from everyone else in the office! Give yourself and your organization the gift of a more energized, more innovative you — make plans to attend one or our conferences today!

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